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HETIME noun (hē-tīm):
metime, specifically related to men and self care.

We are changing how men think about and approach skincare. We are committed to creating products that make metime more purposeful by offering an enjoyable experience paired with unparalleled and immediate results. Think of us like your morning cup of coffee, a ritual with a purpose, something that you relish and not just consume. This makes us the first time-centered skincare. Our products make you aware of how you use your time and urge you to take a conscious moment where you are in tune with yourself.

We are about enjoying the process and not just chasing results.

While our products are engineered and formulated around the unique skin composition and facial features of men, our products can be used by everyone. In fact, our research shows that even people who don’t identify as men notice that our products are more effective and enjoyable than other products they’ve tried. All great things take time and that’s what we’re all about. We’ve invested a lot of it to create this brand because you deserve a little HETIME.

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