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Aging skin stops here

Because no one has time for aging.
And that’s why we are here.


“The Best Serum-Packed Sheet Mask”
"The formula: super hydrating. But the design of the sheet mask itself is what gets one million stars from me - it actually fits.“
“My favorite sheet mask if u have a beard (…) This HETIME mask is shaped more like batman cowl than a Jason mask.”
“These bad boys will hydrate and replenish his skin and help reduce blemishes.”
"The men’s grooming market is about to become more sophisticated."
“This made-for-men skin-care brand will become an instant favorite for the guy in your life"
“The Startup Making Beauty Gender Neutral.”

How to Hetime

  • Step 1

    Start with a clean, dry face (that means wash your face!)

  • Step 2

    Remove sheet mask from package, unfold and place on face. Pro Tip: We recommend placing the colored side outward for optimal selfie content.

  • Step 3

    Wear sheet mask for 20 minutes and chill, watch Netflix, read a book, take your fish for a walk, or whatever you need to do.

  • Step 4

    Peel away sheet mask and massage the remaining serum over your face + neck. For ultimate hydration, do not rinse your face after.

  • Step 5

    Get compliments.


In other words: vegan, cruelty free and free of parabens, artificial fragrances, sulfates and phthalates.

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