The Top-10 Reasons Why You Should Sheet Mask

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The Top-10 Reasons Why You Should Sheet Mask

Sheet masks aren’t quite as mainstream in the skin care world as other moisturizers and face serums, not for men at least. But they should be! 

They bring two worlds of care together, skin and self. They give you an excuse to take 10-20 minutes (or longer) just for yourself to relax, unwind, or get ready for what’s ahead. And not only do they come with a laundry list of skin care benefits, you can actually, physically feel the difference! More relaxed, firmer, softer, hydrated, refreshed skin, all in a single, simple treatment.

You’re probably reading this thinking “no way, too good to be true.” Well we’re here to tell you it’s not.

So if you’re looking for a sign to try sheet masks, here’s 10 of them.

HETIME’s Top-10 Reasons to Sheet Mask

  1. It’s the easiest skin care routine out there.
    As far as skin care goes, it doesn’t get any more straight forward than sheet masking. One product. A couple times a week. No need for a 10-step skin care regimen, or having to remember which products comes first or third in the routine. Put it on, wear it for 10-20 minutes, and take it off. It’s that simple.

  2. Sheet masks are effortless.
    Possibly the best part of sheet masking, you don’t have to do a thing! No scrubbing, rubbing, exfoliating, washing, or toweling. While on your face, our face serum does all the work, delivering powerful nutrients and age-defying benefits deep into your skin. How many other skin care products do all the work for you?

  3. Sheet masks are powerful
    Those nutrients and benefits we mentioned? Our face serums are packed with them, and our masks are soaked in those serums. Even GQ gives us props as “the best serum-packed sheet mask” out around. So, what makes them so great?

    First, let’s talk formulation. Our sheet masks are made with all good-for-you ingredients and are, of course, cruelty-free. And, we formulated these sheet masks specifically to be at least 3x more hydrating than moisturizing creams.

    But the real secret to the science is time. Rather than the 15-20 seconds a cream or wash sits on your face before soaking in or rinsing off, our masks stay on your face for 10-20 minutes (or longer). This allows your skin to soak itself in hydration and immerse itself in our face serums’ restorative, healing, cleansing, and brightening properties.

    In that 20-minute ritual, these serum-packed sheet masks are helping enhance collagen, helping fight breakouts, calming irritated skin, and helping reverse skin damage. And in our anti-aging sheet mask, our face serum is helping reduce fine lines and wrinkles over time by tightening skin, removing excess oils, reducing puffiness, and keeping your skin plump and hydrated.

  4. They smell great.
    With ingredients like frankincense oil, green tea, coconut water, cedarwood oil, and baobab tree oil, how could they not smell great? The perfect blend of natural botanicals for a warm, earthy freshness. Nuff said, you get it.

  5. Those ingredients
    Our Revitalizing & Hydrating Sheet Masks feature moringa leaf extract (great for natural vitamins A, C, and E), cedarwood oil (powerful antioxidants and restorative properties), and baobab tree oil (vitamins A, C, D, E, and K).

    Meanwhile, our Anti-Aging Sheet Masks are powered by frankincense oil (Ayurvedic medicine’s Liquid Gold), Green Tea (powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties), and coconut water (Vitamin C, healing properties, and more antioxidants).

  6. Immediate results
    This one is more geared towards our Revitalizing & Hydrating Sheet Mask (helpful tip: anyone who tells you they can instantly (and healthily) make your skin look younger is either lying, or you’re about to go into the operating room. Which, hey, do you!).

    While our Anti-Aging Sheet Mask does deliver enhanced hydration, as well as other immediate benefits, our Revitalizing & Hydrating Sheet Mask delivers visible results instantly.

    Warm, easy glow? Of course. Hydrated and energized skin? Check. Reduced redness and appearance of blemishes? You betcha.

  7. It’s relaxing
    Those 10-20 minutes we’ve been talking about? That’s all about you. However you choose to spend it. Feel like getting in some meditation? Go for it. Making a hot breakfast? Serve it up.

    The point is, it’s hard enough to find time in the day to focus on you. This is probably our biggest hidden benefit. When you mask, you’re intentionally giving yourself time to relax, calm your mind, and give yourself the attention you deserve. So whether it’s catching up on a podcast, checking the scores, reading a book, or just sitting comfortably in your favorite chair, we dare you to not enjoy that 10-20 minutes (or longer). And if you do, you’ll understand why we always offer that “or longer.”

  8. Your face gets even more handsome.
    Look at you. You’re a good looking guy (or gal, or non-binary). But even the most have-it-together people can use a helping hand once in a while. A sidekick to clean you up around the edges, someone to give you a good once over, and someone to help you look your best right before heading into that meeting, date, or dinner.

    And that’s what we’re here for. To help you look good. Because you’re the main character, not us.

  9. Masks are cool
    Jim Carrey. Michael Keaton. Robert Downey Jr. Antonio Banderas. Tom Holland. These guys all auditioned for the right to wear masks in front of millions of people. And their masks didn’t even come with skin care benefits, except maybe a little sun blocking. Sure, maybe it’s different, but is it?

  10. Those who do, love it.
    Don’t take our word for it. Listen to the people!

    Take Andrew, for instance: “During the pandemic, I created an afternoon for myself to take care of my skin. I exfoliate, clay cover, and used my Hetime face mask as the cherry on top. I even saw a few friends (socially distanced) who even remarked on how great my skin looked. So nice to have a mask that doesn't feel wasted over my beard and it fit perfectly!”

    Or maybe Michael? “The masks have kept my face in tip top shape, particularly this winter. No better moisturizing mask out there. Everyone says I am aging in reverse. I think the masks are essential in nourishing the skin!”

    Or Carson: “Finally a face mask meant specifically for men! I am super into skincare, and sometimes I have my husband do a face mask with me. He never uses sheet masks, because they just don’t fit his face well. This face mask is a game changer. The sheet mask covers the forehead, temples, nose, and cheeks. It avoids the chin/mouth area to avoid face hair. My husband has a goatee and mustache, so it was perfect for him.”

We could go on and on about why we love sheet masks, but we’ll stop at 10. Also, if you’re still here, that means you just read almost 1,000 words on the subject, which is an accomplishment in itself. So here, take 20% off your next HETIME purchase on us. Just use WELCOME20 at checkout.

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