Sheet Masks: The Easiest Skin Care Routine for Men (Period).

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Sheet Masks: The Easiest Skin Care Routine for Men (Period).

Go ahead. Google “easiest skin care routine.” What comes up?

Today's definition of "easy skin care" is either blogs writing about three-step, three-product routines, or other brands advertising bundles or full regimens. And that’s the “simplest” it gets. Three products? Three functions, who knows how many different ingredients.

Doesn’t sound very simple to us.

When it comes to skin care, guys are looking for two things. They want it to be easy. And they want it to work. And somehow, most of the guys out there still don't know about sheet masks. Sheet masks bring easy and effective together to deliver healthier skin, an energized appearance, and a warm, dewy glow.

One product. Hydrate, cleanse, nourish, and protect your skin all in one easy ritual. Now that’s simple.

Less space in your cabinet. Less remembering which product comes first. Less separating evening routines from morning routines.

Now, we can hear you thinking it already. “Hey HETIME, how can your masks do all of the things most brands try to sell you separate individual products for?”

It’s a great question, and the answer comes in three parts, the serum, the masks, and time.

Let’s start with the serum (or serums).

Yeah, we have a two, and they both deliver. First, we start with only good-for-you ingredients. When you’re trying to deliver the most powerful face serums possible, there’s no room for bad-guy ingredients.

We use spotlight ingredients like moringa leaf extract, cedarwood oil, frankincense, and baobab tree oil for their nutrient-dense, benefit-packed properties to deliver essential nutrients like Vitamins A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K, as well as powerful antioxidants to your skin. 

When formulated together, our face serums deliver powerful benefits like reduced redness, tighter skin, and intense hydration, while also helping fight breakouts and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And don’t forget about that warm, youthful glow.

And now for the sheet masks.

Our masks are made from biodegradable cellulose fiber, because in our opinion, products should be good for both you and our planet. These masks provide an anchor for both your skin and our face serum, allowing your face to fully absorb the key ingredients, nutrients, vitamins, and moisture provided by our serums.

And last, but not least, time.

Rather than the 15-30 seconds most skin care products spend on your face before either being rinsed off or left to soak in, our masks work hard for 10-20 minutes (or longer, depending on how long you choose to mask up). And over that full time, our masks and face serums are teaming up to penetrate deep into the skin, not only hydrating and nourishing your skin, but also restoring and helping your skin recover from the pressures, stressors, and environmental attackers it faces on a daily basis.

As a result, your skin is left feeling hydrated, energized, firmer, and softer (yes both of those), and handsomer, all without feeling oily or greasy. And that’s the best part, we formulate our masks to be compatible with all skin types.

What’s better, rather than relying on a dopp kit or overnight bag to carry all your products, these masks fit easily into a bag or briefcase. That makes them perfect for a little pre-meeting prep, getting ready for an important dinner, or a little touch-up to make a great first impression on a first date.

So whether you’re a skin care pro or just getting started in taking care of your face and skin, we’re willing to bet there’s a place in your schedule for a little sheet mask time.

After all, who doesn’t want to put their best face forward?