How to Sheet Mask Properly

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How to Sheet Mask Properly

Sheet masks are a game changer in men's skin care. No more rinsing, scrubbing, washing, and drying. No more 10-product skin care routines. No needing to keep track of which product comes first, or if you should use it in the morning or before bed.

Sheet masks are simple, relaxing, recharging, escaping, personal, mindful, enjoyable, and most importantly, they work. Hydrated, energized, glowing skin. A softer, warmer, firmer, and glowing face. All in a simple, one-product ritual.

But while it may seem simple, we still get questions about the best way to sheet mask. So let’s talk about the how-to’s of sheet masking.

On the plus side, it’s easy!

HETIME’s Guide to Sheet Masks

  1. Shake it down so that the mask + face serum move to the bottom (or at least the middle) of the package.

  2. Open the sachet (sash-ay), and pull out the sheet mask.

  3. This is where it gets tricky. Before you put it on, you have to unfold your sheet mask. Okay, not so tricky.

  4. Pick your side. On our sheet masks, the color is printed on one side. No, it doesn’t make a difference if you wear it color-to-skin or color-facing-out. You’ll get the same amount of HETIME goodness either way.

    But in our opinion, the masks look cooler with the color facing out.

  5. Put it on, and smooth it out. It might take a few seconds to get the fit right, but don’t worry, we’ve designed these sheet masks to have the flexibility and size to fit men’s faces.

  6. Insert self-care activity here for about 10-20 minutes (or longer, if you choose).

  7. Take off the sheet mask.

  8. Squeeze remaining face serum out of the sachet and gently massage into your face.

Or, even more simply. Open up the sachet, take out and unfold the sheet mask, put it on, and do you for 10-20 minutes. Then just take it off, and enjoy that extra face serum.

And before we go, you want to know the best thing about sheet masking?

The sheet mask + serum do all the work. So for that 10-20 minutes, our self-developed formula soaks your skin in moisture, delivers vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants deep into the skin, and cleanses the skin. All while you do you, however you do you.

So you can enjoy a little self-care while you…

  • Cook dinner
  • Read a book
  • Watch the game
  • Work overtime
  • Facetime your partner
  • Meditate
  • Catch up on the scores
  • Listen to your favorite podcast

There you have it, the simplest, smartest, most relaxing skin care routine you’ve never tried.